Can You Buy Liquid Dishwashing Soap For Cloth?

So you want to buy liquid dishwashing soap. The manufacturers argue that theirs is somehow different from liquid dishwasher detergent because it doesn't contain chlorine or chloroform, which are two cancer causing chemicals. They say that there is no difference between the detergent and liquid dishwasher detergent because all detergents are derived from petroleum byproducts. That may be so, but if that were true, why did I pay $4.99 for each gallon of dish washing detergent and use about six months worth of supply when I could buy a more expensive product with the same price?

The companies that supply liquid dishwashing detergent and other dishwasher detergent bases claim that the only real difference between their product and other liquid dishes is in the price. You don't need a fancy calculator to figure that out - it's the same number as the cost of your groceries. If you want to buy liquid dishwashing soap, you should buy it from a company that sells dishwashers, not those who supply dishwashers. There are some very good dish soap manufacturers out there, but they don't sell directly to consumers.

One of my favorite laundry detergent manufacturers doesn't sell directly to consumers, either. But they have great products, and I always get good deals on them when I buy liquid detergent for my clothes washer. It costs less than the cheapest dish detergent, and it comes in special dispensers that mix up with the liquid already in your clothes' washing cup.

You can also buy liquid dishwashing soap that comes in small tubs. I like these - just enough for my machines. I put a little in each tub of washer water before I load them, and I use up the tubs quickly. And these detergents come in all sorts of styles. They come in the thick, white kinds that take care of tough stains and they come in the very gentle herbal blends for clothes that smell better than any dish detergent I've used. Learn more here:

The other way to get cheap detergent for your dishes is to buy liquid dishwashing soap online. You can often find a sample of the detergent at a discount retailer or manufacturer's website, then buy a full tub at another online retail store for less than you'd spend on two tubs at a warehouse-style superstore. I've done this several times, and it's worked well for me.

To make sure you're getting the best liquid dish washing liquid detergent, read the label. Most of them say "for dishes" on the label, but it should actually say "for laundry". If it has the words "for fabric" on it, then it's specifically designed for fabric. Don't waste your money or your health on something designed for cloths. Get the right stuff and your clothes will last longer. Find out more details in relation to this topic here:
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